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2023 Oregon Sporting Clays Hall of Fame

Four individuals will be inducted into the Oregon Sporting Clays Hall of Fame for 2023: David Farley, Gerald Kroeger and Doug Reeves for their shooting achievements, and Allan Vincent for service.

Each individual’s contribution whether it be their career shooting achievements or their dedicated service, has advanced the sport of Sporting Clays in Oregon for decades.  All have served as Oregon’s ambassadors to the sport and have represented us well on the local and national stage.

The initiation ceremony will be held at the 2023 Oregon State Championship.


Shooting Award - David Farley

Shooting Achievement Award: Anyone that has been shooting Sporting Clays in Oregon for a number of years can concur that David Farley has been participating in competitions about as long as anyone. Shooting over 121,000 registered targets, David has for over three decades, attended most of the local competitions and usually still today, places in his class and/or concurrent category. He has been on the Oregon All-State Team (15) times spanning over 23 years, 1998-2021. David has also been an All-American Team member for the Senior Super-Veteran and Legacy Teams (7) times since 2017 to 2023.

In 2021, David was recognized for his many years of support and dedication to the sport by being awarded Oregon’s Hall of Fame’s Service Award. David’s accomplishments over his long shooting career as stated above should too be recognized for the Shooting Achievement Award.  

Service Award - Allan Vincent

As we all know to make a sport such as ours function, it takes a lot of work. We also know that not everyone is willing to sacrifice the time and effort that are required to make the program function. Allan Vincent retired about 10 years ago. He had a talent for perfection that not many of us have. He retired a bit early as he wanted to devote his time and talent to building a "Shotgun Complex" for Snake River Sportsmen. When Allan became the Overall Shotgun Director, he started building full time. By full time I mean six to eight hours a day every day, literally. He set certain times for certain events of course, such as Skeet and Trap every Sunday afternoon until the last shooter left. Five Stand was offered every Wednesday at 11:00AM for anyone that would show up. Lots of the older retired people would take advantage of this. Thursday evenings was for more Skeet and Trap. If you would call, he would open and offer Sporting Clays at most any time of day.

Allan held a monthly Registered Sporting Clay event, he also would accommodate any other group or fundraiser that wanted to use the facility. Whenever he was not operating the range, he was building or repairing it. The lack of money was the only thing that held him down. He would talk people into donating a service or at least do it at a reduced rate. He talked a gentleman into bringing a road grader in from Boise, Idaho to build a second Sporting Clay Course. Allan figured out a way to position all the machines so that he would have a 300 yard safety zone around everything on the property. Now everyone could shoot both Skeet Fields, all four Trap Fields and both Sporting Clay Fields ALL AT THE SAME TIME and keep everyone safe from fallout. I have never seen anyone work so hard for absolutely no personal monetary gain. He did it because he loved the sport and the people that are involved in it. I can think of no one that deserves the honor of this year's Hall of Fame Service Award recipient more than Allan Vincent. Allan was not able to complete everything that he had planned to do. His time just ran out.

Very Sincerely, Gary McClellan 505673

Shooting Award - Gerald Kroeger

I began shooting shotguns in Iowa when I was 14.  There were trap clubs in almost every small town. My father’s cousin, Adolf, who was in his 70’s would take my brother and I to the Izaak Walton Club a couple nights a week to go meat shoots.  We were hooked.  We would spend hours in the basement loading shells on a single stage machine so that we could go.  This grew into bigger shoots.  At the time, the Iowa State Trap shoot was very huge.  People like Mary Meadows, Bob Allen were very encouraging.  My college started a trap team in 1973, which I joined.  I continued shooting until 1984, but having 3 children, and starting a new business, I could no longer justify the expense.  In 2000, my son Travis asked if we could go target shooting.  So, the cycle began again…I was hooked.  I decided that the game of sporting was very different from trap, that we needed lessons, so we met Dan Mitchell who was kind enough to help us get started and mentor me until he retired.  

There are many people for me to thank.  My family for giving me the time, and a lot of really nice people I’ve met along the way such as Dan Mitchell and more recently Dave Fiedler.

Shooting Achievement Award: Gerry has been named to the Oregon All State Team from 2009-2017, 2019 and 2021. He was on the Open Team from 2010-2014, 2016-2017 and 2021. He was the Oregon State Vet winner in 2009, Master Class in 2015 and Super Vet in 2019. He was also the Oregon State Champion in 2011. Gerry participates in many local events, placing in class and/or concurrent categories in many of them.


Shooting Award - Doug Reeves

Shooting Achievement Award: Doug started shooting Skeet soon after leaving the service back in 1973 and then moved onto Sporting Clays. He started attending registered NSCA tournaments in the early/mid-1990’s. Hailing from the Klamath Falls area, Doug had to travel many miles to attend shoots, thus his lifetime registered targets might be lower than others being considered for the shooting achievement award, but don’t let that fool you, he has contended and received awards in many state, regional and national tournaments. Doug has been recognized for the Oregon All State Team eight times between 1997- 2021, the All Region Super Vet Team in 2019 and the 2021 All American 28 gauge Super Vet First Team. Back in 1999 Doug was Class Champ at the US Open Championships for the 5-Stand and in 2004 placed in several events at the US National Championship. In 2005, Doug won the Oregon State Championship HOA trophy.

Today Doug loves to shoot live birds and Helice and continues to travel and compete in numerous events throughout the state and region. He says “he has made many friends over the years, some of them are lifelong friendships.”  d go.  This grew into bigger shoots.  At